Minax. The first coin that opens up completely new ways for you.

More than just a cryptocurrency: At MinaxWorld and MinaxCoin, everything is just for you.

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Get started quickly: Around 17,000 customers have already purchased Minax Token - and there are more every day. The already produced 170 million Minax Coins will be provided at the beginning of the Minax ICO.

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Our mission

Our Mission: Many goals - one way

Minax. The name is program.
After all, this project has taken a completely new path: towards pioneering perspectives that are unparalleled in the crypto world.
Is Minax more than "just" a new crypto coin?
Minax also stands for a new crypto bank, a new crypto app, a new crypto credit card, a new crypto exchange. And for a new crypto-mining strategy, which already causes a sensation with its successes.


The MinaxCoin: One way for all

The MinaxCoin offers you everything that an innovative cryptocurrency needs to have ...
As an investor, you have excellent income opportunities - the sooner you get started, the higher your profit.
As a user, you can look forward to a wide range of applications.


The end of the wrong path: goodbye isolated solutions!

There is a groundbreaking idea behind MinaxWorld and the MinaxCoin : Stop the isolated solutions.
How does it look so far in the market of crypto currencies?
There are either coins with promising properties. What they lack, however, is the connection to the real world. For example, to those banking services that are standard in dealing with Fiat money.

Or there are service offerings that use the fantastic possibilities of blockchain technology virtuously for a limited area of ​​the application spectrum. But they lack of the working interfaces to other applications.
Conclusion: Anyone who wants to use everything has to painstakingly find suitable solutions for each task.

Not even speaking about the fact that the interaction of these different isolated solutions costs time and nerves. In the end, it all works rather badly than well.
Not to mention the huge additional expences.
This aberration is history now. Finally. Thanks to Minax.


Your income opportunities: Finally, drives you away from the ordinarity.







The convincing concept of Minax speaks for itself. And therefore more and more people around the world get a stable passive income with Minax. Now!


On the best way: Roadmap

June-August 2018

Phase I

Foundation of the Minax Fund
Issue of the Minax Coins
Pre-ICO (20. June - 7. August)
ICO (8. August - 18. September)
Agreement with other acceptance points

Phase II

Listing of the Minax Coin on the major Exchange
Selection of management for the Minax crypto bank
Preparation of documentation to initiate the application processes for the Minax crypto bank
Acceptance of the Minax Coin by major business partners
Introducing the Minax app
Listing of the Minax Coin on further major exchanges

October/November 2018


Phase III

Development and implementation of the Minax-Xchange
Presentation of the Minax App
Opening of the Minax crypto bank; initially, there will be no direct acceptance of other cryptocurrencies or loan in the first step. Bank accounts can be opened instead and asset management services can be claimed.

Phase IV

Expansion of the Minax crypto bank; in the second step, acceptance of and trading with other crypto currencies will be added.


Minax Services

Minax: Everything from one source


The Minax Coin is based on the reliable Etherium protocol. It offers all the benefits of a cryptocurrency. Anonymous p2p transfers in seconds are just as important as convertibility and worldwide acceptance. These are just a few for example.


The Minax Cryptobank offers the same service you would expect from a conventional bank, with a view to the Minax Coin and other cryptocurrencies. Just use all possibilities.


Just change the fiat money or other cryptocurrency in modern MinaxCoins? No problem with the new crypto exchange Minax-Exchange. Other benefits include low fees, fast and user-friendly platform.


Discover the rich world of goods and services offered by the Minax credit card in combination with the Minax Coin. And all this at surprisingly low transaction fees.


Discover the rich world of goods and services offered by the Minax credit card in combination with the Minax Coin. And all this at surprisingly low transaction fees.



Token name MinaxCoin
Ticker Symbol MINAX
Starting price Pre-ICO 1 MINAX for USD 0.10
Maximum MINAX Coins produced 892 million
Maximum Coins for sale 350 million
Fundraising Goal USD 75 million
Minimum purchase 1,000 Tokens



Groundbreaking: Crypto banking from a single source

One platform

A system that can do it all and just offer it all: this groundbreaking quality far exceeds that of ordinary cryptocurrency solutions and ICOs.
After all, as a user of a cryptocurrency, you have an impressively wide range of banking services, goods and services at your disposal - without the usual hassle of dealing with various vendors and technical implementations through your own hands.

All possibilites

Look forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities that can bring you forward-looking blockchain technology and innovative crypto banking.
Forget the usual hassles with and about annoying isolated solutions that are not one hundred percent suitable. Save yourself the high additional costs that are usually incurred because you have to register twice and three times everywhere - just to be able to simply accept excellent offers.

Our Team

All for Minax: our team

Levente Racz


Olivier Leclerc


I am a generalist engineer, passionate about cryptocurrency for more than 2 and a half years. I created my company, Neoconomia, in 2018, to train and educate people willing to understand the 2.0 economy of crypto-currencies and Blockchain technology. In 2018, I became also an ICO advisor, to support relevant blockchain and cryptocurrency related projects.

Romain Galvez


Passionate about new technologies, I naturally turned myself into cryptocurrency in 2013, creating my first mining machine.
Such an evolving sector implies high qualities of adaptation. My goal is to educate as many people as possible about the endless possibilities of the blockchain.

Luis R Landeros

Blockchain Expert

25 years experience in Entrepreneurship and Management, also strong experience in Sales and Marketing , Internet Marketing and Social Media. Big experience in expansion of Latin Markets. Long experience in introducing disrupting technologies, over 2 decades ! Over 3 years experience in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. Experience in Trading , Mining , Holding and ICOS.

Martin Maderner

Crypto Advisor + Trader

Peter Sagi

Bitcoin and Crypto Expert

Peter Sagi is an economist, he got an MBA degree in Finance. He is a fnancial advisor and planner and the CEO of his advisory company. Member of the Financial Planning Association and the Economic Association of his country. He is very recognised in his feld and attends frequently international conferences. He has some classes as a lecturer in universities. He is the founder of bitcoinportal.co.uk and other websites in the topic of fnances and cryptocurrencies. His aim is to educate the practical fnancial knowledge to people and introduce them to the unlimited opportunities in the industry of cryptocurrencies.




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